While we Have several Distinct domains with the Term’Wyzerr’ Inside, we Just publicly operate three:


Wyzerr.com is a self-serve website to permit anyone to use our online applications to create and manage their Wyzerr smartforms by themselves. Nearly all our current company transactions engage with a wyzerr.com domain or subdomain.

This domain includes different pages that serve as demos, reviews, pitch decks, along with other team should operate day-to-day small business. We separate this from Wyzerr.com because finally, we will let our self-serve customers to create their own user names and subdomains inside Wyzerr.com. By way of instance, if ABC Business would love to make their own Wyzerr.com domain, they’d have the ability to set their URL to: wyzerr.com/ABCbusiness or even ABCbusiness.wyzerr.com

This is managed by a different group at Wyzerr. We believe this allows us to relay important messages, upgrades, and information in the future regarding our market. Investors in the WZR token will just have to go to a single site as a way to browse all the information that they want, without needing to go through our existing customer-focused website.

Any other site that is not listed above is probably a scam and not controlled by us.

How can I know if I have been selected?

If you are chosen to participate in either the public or private presale, you’ll be notified. Please be advised– regrettably, there is NO GUARANTEE you will be invited to purchase tokens.

How much time does it take to receive the tokens?

We intend to release tokens on the afternoon of the token production event (October 2018).

Just how much is your Wyzerr token?

TBD, we’ll share a public announcement regarding our token economics and presale in the coming weeks. Be sure to join on the waitlist to receive our updates.

How much is being raised and what’s it used for?

Wyzerr is not a concept. We’ve been operating for nearly 4 years. We have increased $2M in venture capital, operate with some of the world’s biggest companies, and have a group of the cleverest data, AI, and layout leaders in the world. The Wyzerr ICO will finance expansion, artificial intelligence advancement, a decentralized network for access to common public information on the blockchain (which we think will change market research as we understand it), as well as build out our sales and operations staff to keep on scaling the company. A comprehensive discussion of the Use of Proceeds is at the white paper posted on the Wyzerr Token Sale website.

We can’t share the increase amount and information until we declare our true presale round.

How can I confirm my obligations?

After we declare our presale around, you’ll be given a URL to the Wyzerr Token Sale ETH Wallet. Please validate your payment by looking for your Transaction Hash or your Wallet Address.

What Kind of token is being marketed?
We will be supplying a security token at this time. That class of stocks will have an ownership stake in Wyzerr, those investors will be recorded in the Wyzerr capitalization table and also those shares will consist of specific quarterly information rights.