Use Wyzerr to make operational decisions frozen in employee and customer feedback.
After all, your clients and employees know your company best.

AIRPORTSImprove passenger experience, improve operational efficiency, and decrease costs by letting Wyzerr inform you which areas of your organization require attention the most.

HOSPITALITYCreate a customer experience that’s suspended in personalization. Boost brand loyalty by knowing what matters most at any given hour for your clients.

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For our analytics to operate and it will, we are in need of A LOT of training information. That is why we built polls which feel and look just like matches. Our smart polls are intended to be enjoyable, quick, and simple, and can accumulate to 25 queries in under 60 minutes.

For the previous five decades, we helped the world’s largest companies accumulate feedback. It was through those jobs we saw how hard it was for big businesses to do it on comments information. These businesses collect so much information it was challenging to determine what to do it on, and what to dismiss. We chose to help them resolve this issue.

In contrast to popular belief, you should not listen to each bit of feedback you get. From time to time, clients really don’t understand what they desire. There is a science to discovering the correlation between the things clients say and whether it really impacts your bottom line and customer expertise. Through years of study, we figured out that sciencefiction. It is a proprietary formulation which people use to identify which specific regions of a company require care the most. It’s our expectation that our technology enables you to more effectively spend your own time and resources so that you may do what’s ideal for your long-term achievement: innovating.

Enterprise-level market search for everybody.
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The specific date and details about this Wyzerr presale still haven’t been declared. Please fill out our enrollment form if you’re considering engaging in the Wyzerr presale and also wish to get updated as more information are announced.

This protects everybody. Each player will be verified by an employee of Wyzerr. Depending on the attention, the procedure sometimes takes a couple of days. Here are the expected steps:

This enrollment gathers the following information: full name, email address, entity type, attention amount, state citizenship, along with other pertinent info.
We will open up our presale procedure in two phases. To begin with, a personal presale that is only going to require a select number of registrants. Those chosen to take part in the personal presale will get an email from [email protected] requesting extra info to verify your accepted status and also an invitation to take part in the presale. When the personal presale closes, we’ll announce a public presale.
Regardless of whether you’re involved with the public or private presale, a Wyzerr worker will manually verify all documents and information which are supplied.
Upon successful verification, if you’re approved to take part in the public or private presale, an email will be delivered to individuals in the following address: [email protected] This email using include a SAFT arrangement and information about the best way best to submit payment through ETH, BTC, and USD cable. If you get ANY email or message from another address aside from the above, DO NOT REPLY. Report it instantly.
Any queries concerning the procedure ought to be led to [email protected]

A number of the world’s most important brands and businesses started using Wyzerr to run their complicated market research .

While working with those big businesses, we understood that a few of our clients were amassing so much feedback information, they did not really understand what to do with it all.

Our clients’ issues led us to start creating, artificial intelligence to turn comments information into real time insights for different functions within a business. replaces human economy researchers in assessing feedback information, cutting down time and costs it requires companies to do it. No bar charts, no pie graphs, no complex data sets. Just real time insights.

Change how companies collect and comprehend feedback information.

Give enterprise-level market study to everybody.

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Market research is a very primitive industry which has seen little to no invention in years. It is highly transactional and contains many middlemen without a transparency. The majority of the job in market research are now performed manually by people, which can be pricey, time-consuming, and awkward. We will change this.