Four years ago, we started Wyzerr to build surveys that look and feel like games.

Our smartforms:

  • Can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds
  • Have an average 83% completion rate
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Some of the world’s biggest brands and companies began using Wyzerr to conduct their most complicated market research studies.


While working with these large enterprises, we realized that some of our customers were collecting so much feedback data, they didn’t actually know what to do with all of it.


Our customers’ problems led us to begin developing, artificial intelligence to turn feedback data into real-time insights for the different roles within a company. replaces human market researchers in analyzing feedback data, cutting down the time and costs it takes for businesses to take action. No bar graphs, no pie charts, no complicated data sets. Just real-time insights.

Change the way businesses collect and understand feedback data.

Provide enterprise-level market research to everyone.


Wyzerr wins Forbes Under 30 For-Profit
Change the World Competition

Wyzerr wins top prize
at 36|86 Competition


Market research is an extremely archaic industry that has seen little to no innovation in years. It’s highly transactional and includes many middlemen with no transparency. Most of the work in market research are currently performed manually by humans, which is expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome. We are going to change that.


Natasia Malaihollo

CEO, Wyzerr

Nicola Young

VP Operations, Wyzerr

Huanqi Zhu, PHD

Data Scientist, Wyzerr

Bethany Merillat

Lead Researcher, Wyzerr


Shawn Murdock

CEO, Icon Marketing

Rodney Williams

CEO, Lisnr

Brian Lamar

Market Researcher, EMI

Brian Powell

CTO, CompleteSet




The exact date and details of the Wyzerr presale have not yet been announced. Please fill out our registration form if you are interested in participating in the Wyzerr presale and want to be updated as more details are announced.

The process to participate in the Wyzerr presale will be manual. This protects everyone. Each participant will be manually verified by an employee of Wyzerr. Based on the interest, the process can take a few days. Here are the anticipated steps:

  • The participant will register for the presale by signing up to the waitlist on This registration collects the following information: full name, email address, entity type, interest level, country citizenship, and other relevant information.
  • We will open up our presale process in two stages. First, a private presale that will only involve a select number of registrants. Those selected to participate in the private presale will receive an email from requesting additional information to confirm your approved status and an invite to participate in the presale. Once the private presale closes, we will announce a public presale.
  • Regardless of whether you are involved in the private or public presale, a Wyzerr employee will manually verify all information and documents that are provided.
  • Upon successful verification, if you are approved to participate in the private or public presale, an email will be sent to participants from the following address: This email with include a SAFT agreement and information on how to submit payment via ETH, BTC, and USD wire. If you receive ANY message or email from a different address other than the above, DO NOT REPLY. Report it immediately.

Any questions regarding the process should be directed to


What websites are owned by Wyzerr and why does Wyzerr use different domain names?

While we own several different domains with the word ‘Wyzerr’ in it, we only publicly operate three:

  • is a self-serve website to allow anyone to use our online software to create and manage their Wyzerr smartforms on their own. The majority of our existing business transactions engage with a domain or subdomain. is a domain we use internally for enterprise sales and fundraising. This domain contains different pages that serve as demos, testimonials, pitch decks, and other team needs to operate day-to-day business. We separate this from because eventually, we will allow our self-serve customers to create their own user names and subdomains within For example, if ABC Business would like to create their own domain, they would be able to set their URL to:  or is used for anything related to our token sale and ongoing token management. This is managed by a separate team at Wyzerr. We believe this allows us to better relay important messages, updates, and information in the future regarding our token. Investors in the WZR token will only need to go to one website and be able to navigate all of the information they need, without having to go through our existing customer-focused website.

 Any other site that is not listed above is likely a scam and not operated by us.

How do I know I am on the waitlist?

Anyone that has filled out our registration form is on our waitlist.

I’m on the waitlist, how will I know if I’ve been selected to buy tokens?

If you are selected to participate in either the private or public presale, you will be notified. Please be advised– unfortunately, there is NO GUARANTEE that you will be invited to purchase tokens. You will receive an email from if you are selected to buy tokens in the private or public presale.

How long does it take before I receive my tokens? (When is the public sale/ICO?)

We intend to release tokens on the day of the token generation event (October 2018).

What is an Accredited Investor?

How much is the Wyzerr (WZR) Token?

TBD, we will share a public announcement regarding our token economics and presale in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up on the waitlist to receive our updates.

How much are you raising and what will it be used for?

Wyzerr is not a concept. We have been operating for almost 4 years. We’ve raised $2M in venture capital, work with some of the world’s biggest companies, and have a team of the smartest data, AI, and design thinkers in the world. The Wyzerr ICO will fund growth, artificial intelligence development, a decentralized network for access to shared public data on the blockchain (which we believe will single-handedly change market research as we know it), as well as build out our sales and operations team to continue scaling the company. A detailed discussion of the Use of Proceeds is in the white paper posted on the Wyzerr Token Sale site.

We cannot share the raise amount and information until we announce our actual presale round.

How can I confirm my payment?

Once we announce our presale round, you will receive a link to the Wyzerr Token Sale ETH Wallet.  Please confirm your payment by searching for your Transaction Hash or your Wallet Address.

What is your wallet address?

We will share that with you once we announce our presale round.

What kind of token are you selling?

We will be offering a security token at this time. The security token will convert into a class of Wyzerr shares.  That class of shares will have an ownership stake in Wyzerr, those shareholders will be listed in the Wyzerr capitalization table and those shares will include certain quarterly information rights.

Is there a Wyzerr announcement channel?

Our ONLY announcement channel is on Telegram. Join

Receive updates on  Join the Whitelist.

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